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Aerial Production Services is revolutionizing the management of oil and gas operations with the industry's most advanced drone-based inspection service. APS leverages pilots with specialized expertise and proven experience operating state-of-the-art drone equipment outfitted with the most advanced sensor technology on the market.


We deliver faster and more accurate data that provides actionable insights, boosts operational efficiency, and supports initiatives to mitigate carbon footprints. Empowering oil and gas companies to make smarter decisions and be more responsive to conditions on the ground is what we do best.

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Quantified emissions data that powers smarter decision-making.

Aerial Production Services deploys drone-based inspection sensors with leak detection technologies that surpass traditional methods. This breakthrough allows upstream, midstream, and downstream companies to effectively allocate resources through expanded visibility and quantification of fugitive emissions that impact the environment and the company’s bottom line.

Get closer to net zero with state-of-the-art emission detection technology.

Regulatory mandates in the oil and gas industry require organizations to have reliable processes and sound documentation for inspecting and mitigating emissions. Using advanced drone and sensor technology, combined with sophisticated data analysis, organizations are better equipped to manage and report on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements  and initiatives.

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Accelerate remediation by visualizing emissions.

Our industry-leading drone and sensor technology collects, processes and visualizes the precise location of every leak for all your assets using OGI cameras. The ability to pinpoint the exact location of onsite emissions allows organizations to accelerate remediation.


We offer many different drone services and create custom project plans based on our clients' needs. No project is too big or too small. We provide custom solutions for all of your oil & gas inspection needs that, ultimately, save you time and money.


We offer gas leak detection and quantification services utilizing state-of-the art drones, sensors, and cameras capable of collecting data for all of your company’s assets.The use of this technology promotes safety for personnel and increases the speed in which your company remediates gas leaks.

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We offer drone solutions to digitally replicate assets and provide the unprecedented ability to visualize, manage, communicate, and make decisions based on the precise digital models.

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We provide right-of-way monitoring along pipeline networks that detect encroachments and inspect for gas leaks that could threaten the integrity of the pipeline.


We offer drone-based inspections of above-ground pipelines, documenting our findings with data capture and high resolution imagery and video. Our drones can capture unique angles, under bridges or potentially hazardous areas that could otherwise result in physical harm or property damage.



Once the project goals are defined, our team will provide a proof of concept and recommended solutions accompanied by a proposal, timeline, and estimate.


Once the project is approved, we quickly deploy a dedicated oil and gas team to your assets and harvest data safely and efficiently. We are FAA compliant and our experience is unparalleled in the industry.


We offer state-of-the-art data processing tools — like SeekOps, the most advanced compact sensor for automating emissions monitoring — to output the highest quality data so that your team can make informed decisions quickly without the need to manage raw data.


Data is shared through a variety of ways and our clients are not limited to using a single system. Through using your company’s system or a preferred custom software partner like Huvr, we use cloud-based platforms to enable the data visualization that best meets the needs of your business.


In addition to our digital platform, you will also receive a custom Inspection Report that you can share with your team. It details the inspection, your assets, and any anomalies.


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Depend on a Proven Leader in Drone-based Inspections for the Oil and Gas Industry

Aerial Production Services was among the first to understand the opportunity drones represented for organizations in the oil and gas industry.


We are trusted nationwide for our team of dedicated, professional drone operators and our experience while safely flying sensitive assets in challenging environments. We are ready to quickly deploy the most advanced technologies in the industry anywhere in the country.

  • 35,000 inspections performed across 49 states

  • BVLOS capabilities

  • Professionally trained and FAA certified drone pilots

  • Six years of aerial drone experience in the oil and gas industry

  • Rigorous safety protocols and an impeccable safety record

  • State-of-the-art drone and sensor technology

  • Unmatched operational agility with the fastest start times and turnarounds in our industry


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